Client Area

In order to register your PortoBox and manage your account, purchase bundles, check your active bundle usage, top up your account balance, etc. you must login to PortoBox client area. If you don't have already a PortoBox account you should sign up first.

You must own a PortoBox to sign up and use client area.

Sign up at PortoBox client area

Open a web browser in your current device e.g. your mobile or desktop computer and then Type in the address bar and press Enter. Or simply click on this link. You will see a sign up form as in the picture below.

Filling the sign up form

The sign up form has two section. Your Account info which you will need them to login to your account, and Box info to register your PortoBox device:

  • In the Account info section, fill in the Email address field with a valid Email. In the next two fields you must choose and enter your account password. You will need your entered Email and password in order to login to the client area.
  • In the Box info section, you must enter your PortoBox MAC address and Serial number each in the related field.

After completing the form, click on the Register button.

A verification email will be sent automatically to your entered Email address. So it is necessary to enter a Valid Email address that you have access on.
You must enter your MAC address completely including its semicolons.

Verify your Email

After clicking on the Register button. you will see a message as the picture below.

As you see the message above, a verification Email has been sent automatically to Email you entered in the previous step. To verify your Email address you should access your Email inbox and open the Email Verification from [email protected].

To change your Email address, click on the Change link at the end of message as shown in the picture above.

To verify your Email, simply click on the Verify Email Address button as in the picture below.

After verifying your Email address, you will be able to login to the client area with your account info.

Finding your PortoBox MAC address

Login to the PortoBox admin panel:

  • Navigate to Status > Overview.
  • Scroll the page to Wireless section.
  • Your MAC address is shown with the BSSID title as shown in the picture below.

Finding your PortoBox Serial number

Login to the PortoBox admin panel:

  • Navigate to Services > Porto > System Status.
  • Your Serial Number is shown with the Serial Number title as shown in the picture below.

Purchasing Bundle

Login to the PortoBox Client Area:

  • Navigate to Bundle > Manage.
  • Select your preferred bundle and click on proceed as shown below.
  • Click on Confirm to finish you purchase and bundle activation.

Increasing your account credit

Login to the PortoBox Client Area:

  • Navigate to Bundle > Billing.
  • Type the code on your redeem card and click on Apply as shown below.