Quick Start

PortoBox router setup is a user-friendly process. There is not much to do for the initial run. The explanations provided below are pretty straight forward and should help you active your PortoBox in no time.


A PortoBox device can not provide any internet connection by itself and it should get an internet connection from another device e.g. dsl modem.

PortoBox Setup

Connect the power adapter to the device USB Micro B port, and make sure PortoBox is turned on.

Plug in the ethernet cable to the Internet port of your PortoBox and not the LAN port as you may face conflicts in your local network. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your current router which is connected to the internet.

Wait for 10 minutes or less for PortoBox to get the latest update.

Connect to PortoBox

You can use WiFi

  • To connect via WiFi, navigate to your WiFi setting in your desktop or mobile device and look for a connection named PortoBoxLite plus the 12 characters MAC address of your PortBox, it should look like "PortoBoxLite_XXXXXXXXXXXX". Default password is portobox, if it's not been changed previously.
  • To connect directly to the ProtoBox using cable, plug in the ethernet cable to your personal machine e.g. your computer and connect the other end of the cable to the LAN port of the PortoBox.

You now should be connected to the PortoBox tunneling network.

Once you could successfully setup your PortoBox, you must change the default password for the WiFi connection and the admin panel immediately.