New Generation of Smart Tunneling

PortoBox is an intelligent network traffic routing service that gives you full control of your network, circumvents geo-blocking & safe browsing. PortoBox is a next-generation solution for the security-minded.

How it's Working?

PortoBox has engineered with smart tunneling software on an electronic board that provides secure and unblocked internet access for all your devices at your home or work over its WiFi network. It has tons of great features and benefits that ordinary VPN apps lack.

  • Smart Traffic Passing
  • Smart Routing
  • No need to install software on each device
  • No user/device limits
  • VPN over wifi for devices like smart TVs, Gaming consoles, etc.

Smart Traffic Passing

Sometimes, you will be troubled by using VPN since some web services do not work when your IP address changes. But with PortoBox’s smart passing, this is an issue no more. PortoBox bypasses these kinds of connections so you can access any websites you want, so you will not be forced to terminate your connection manually.

Smart Routing

Another great feature of Smart Tunneling is Smart Switching. It automatically switch between its multiple custom protocols, if one failed to connect or have poor quality. (could be turned off manually)

Safe & Secure

Protective measure for all devices going through PortoBox Tunnel. All custom protocols that PortoBox’s using are heavily encrypted.