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In this page, we have answered frequently asked questions by PortoBox users.

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1My PortoBox has internet access but it seems it's tunnel isn't connected
Most likely your PortoBox bundle has expired or reached its usage cap. In this situation, The green light on your box should be turned off too (middle light). To make sure, you can go to your PortoBox admin panel at > services > porto > server settings and check if your preferred server is set to disabled or you can go to client area and check your bundle status. To make your account enable again, you must purchase a bundle at the manage menu in the client area.
2I have forgotten PortoBox admin panel password. What should i do?
If you don't remember your admin panel password, you must reset it to factory setting. To reset PortoBox to factory settings follow this instructions.
3I have trouble opening Admin panel (
Make sure you are connected to PortoBox through a WiFi or LAN connection. If you are connected with a LAN, make sure it is connected to the LAN port on the PortoBox NOT to the Internet port. Follow this instruction in order to login to the admin panel.
4I don't have a stable connection with PortoBox
We recommend you to use a repeater to extend your WiFi range and it's quality. For Gaming and FHD streaming we highly recommend to use LAN instead of WiFi.